Friday, October 12, 2012

What Is the True Lesson of Antisemitism?

Most Americans(and Europeans as well) seem to think the main evil of 'antisemitism' is the dislike, distrust, and/or hatred of Jews--or the hostility toward Jews. Therefore, the logical conclusion drawn by many people is that they must be nice to Jews at all times, try to love Jew as much as possible, blame themselves for harboring queasiness about certain aspects of Jewish culture and politics, and remind themselves constantly than any critical or hostile feelings regarding Jews must be evil and their own fault--and never that of Jews. This, of course, is crazy.

The true danger of Antisemitism was the scapegoating and dehumanization of Jews. Scapegoating is a dangerous form of blaming or accusation for it can falsely blame an innocent person or group for a crime committed by others OR disproportionately blame a single group for the problems of the world. Scapegoating can also be a form of projection, i.e. dumping one's transgressions, sins, and ill-feelings onto another person or group, thus absolving oneself of vices and negative characteristics by conveniently seeing them in the scapegoat.

So, the real lesson of Antisemitism is that we must be careful about being critical of a person or group, and we mustn't be too quick to leap to conclusions. It also means we must be honest with ourselves, face up to our own flaws, problems, and sins instead of projecting all our faults onto another people.
The lesson of Antisemitism is NOT that we should love Jews unconditionally, praise Jews(at all times), suppress all critical thoughts regarding Jews, and/or deny every hostile feeling we might feel toward Jews. Rather, we need to assess rationally and factually what it is about Jews and Jewish power that may do good or harm to us and why.

For if Antisemitism can be mindless, so can Semitism. We now live in the Semitist age in the West. The misguided lesson we took from Antisemitism is not the need to be careful in our criticism of Jews but that we shouldn't be critical at all. Ironically, Jews, the most secular and intellectual people on Earth(who take pride in their commitment to Reason), don't want us to think about them rationally, empirically, or critically. Even the most liberal Jewish publications will seethe and foam at the mouth if anyone talks about Jews in the 'wrong way'. There is no paucity of discussion of Jewish matters in the media and academia. If anything, the subject of Jewishness is even more disproportionately discussed than the subject of homosexuality. (Though gays are Jews' closest allies, Jews wanna be #1.) What is not permitted is any genuine critical view of Jews, Jewishness, and Jewish history. So, we can discuss Jewish history, Jewish achievements, Jewish influences(at least those deemed to have been positive), Jewish humor, Jewish suffering, Jewish brilliance(but not quite Jewish intelligence, with its connotations of genetic origins), and a host of other Jewish matters, BUT we cannot discuss Jewish POWER. Mark Sanchez found out the hard way.  Schmcarthyism is many times more pervasive, destructive, and repressive than McCarthyism.

The main problem today isn't Antisemitism but Semitism. We are all blindly Semitist, and if you have any doubt, just consider the content of American conservatism. No people are as 'liberal' and anti-conservative(and anti-white-gentile and anti-Christians)as the Jews are. So, one would think the natural tendency of American conservatism would be a critical stance toward Jewish power. Of course, conservatives should be careful not to dehumanize Jews or blame Jews for everything, but Jewish power is a reality; it is immense, especially in finance, high-tech, law, academia, media, entertainment, government, and so on. If most of Jewish power regularly attacks and criticizes--and even scapegoats and dehumanizes the American right--, then it would only be natural for American conservatives to challenge and counter Jewish power.
But instead, American mainstream conservatism is even more slavish toward Jewish power than most liberals in the Democratic Party are. American conservatives will rail against liberals but never mention Jewish power, as if Turkish-Americans and American-Indians are as powerful within the Democratic Party and in the MSM. Throughout the 20th century, Jews didn't just criticize American conservatism in general. They called out the Wasps, and they continue to do so to this day. Jews know very well that not everyone in the GOP has equal amount of power. Jews have always characterized the GOP as the party of Wasp power or 'angry WHITE MALES', as if liberal Jews are without anger and always full of brotherly love. If Jews have fixated on Wasp power because Wasps were indeed more powerful than other groups in America(especially in the GOP), wouldn't it make sense for American conservatives to fixate on Jewish power since Jews have long dominated American liberalism? Yet, the iron law of Semitism says American conservatism should never speak truth to Jewish power, as if any discussion + Jews + Power = Antisemitism.

Being critical of power is necessary and being critical of absolute power is absolutely necessary. This isn't to say Jews have total and absolute power in America. They don't. But in one way, they do, and it is due to the  wrong lesson we took from Antisemitism. After all, power isn't just a matter of money and influence but of taboos. Even if someone doesn't own all the wealth and influence in the world, he can possess power beyond his means if taboos forbid anyone from criticizing, challenging, or countering him. After all, why did God or gods grow so immensely powerful even though they were but figments of man's imagination? Because taboos protected them from 'sacrilege' and 'blasphemy'.  So, if a fantasy can amass that kind of power via the power of taboos, imagine the kind of power a people can have if they are protected from criticism by taboos.
This false lesson of Antisemitism--that we must never criticize Jews, we must love Jews  at all times, and we must never confront Jewish power--has shielded Jews from any kind of criticism, no matter how necessary and justified. So, even though Jews don't have absolute power, we are absolutely powerless to criticize Jews, and that means Jews might as well be absolutely powerful. Anyone who dares to link 'Jewish' with 'Power' in a negative way is excommunicated from the institutional community. While individual Americans can still discuss Jewish power privately and on the internet, individual power is nothing compared to institutional power. At any given time, only those with the levers of power really make a difference, especially in our age of conglomeration where a few tycoons and oligarchs own and control vast networks of information, news, and entertainment(which may be as or even more effective as mind-control tools. After all, would so many foolish Americans have been weaned and leaned toward 'gay marriage' if it weren't for celebrity endorsement, TV talk shows and sitcoms, and etc.?)  And in time, institutional power will control individual freedom, what with the likes of Elena Kagan and Elena Sotomayor itching to end the Constitutional  guarantees of the First Amendment in the name of protecting minorities from 'hate speech', when the real reason for 'hate speech' laws is to protect powerful and privileged Jews from necessary criticism. Already in California, laws have been passed to condemn and ban speech critical of Zionism, its oppression of Palestinians, and its perversion of American foreign policy that have led to Wars of Israel where thousands of  mostly white gentiles have been killed or crippled for life(and never mind the 100,000s of dead 'Muzzies').

The wrong lesson of Antisemitism has made us blind to the insane American foreign policy in the Muslim and Arab world. Again, the true lesson of Antisemitism shouldn't be Semitism--mindless worship of Jews and everything Jewish--but the danger of dehumanizing and scapegoating Jews OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE. If it was wrong to do it to Jews, then it is equally wrong to do it other peoples. Dehumanization is something other than being critical of a people. It is the denial of their humanity. But lack of criticism(and necessary condemnation at times) doesn't humanize a people either. It deifies them, and this is equally dangerous, for people, even ones as intelligent as Jews, are not gods and shouldn't be worshiped as such. Indeed, the deification of a people is related to the dehumanization of a people. It was because the Nazis deified the 'Aryans' as a sacred race that some non-'Aryan' races, such as Jews, had to be dehumanized. If the 'Aryans' are the perfect race--the fountain of everything beautiful, noble, creative, and brilliant--, then it follows that people presumed to the enemies of 'Aryans' must be the evil race.

Having deified Jews, we find it easy to dehumanize people whom Jews don't like and people perceived to the 'enemies' of Jews or Zionism. So, we turn a blind eye to the terrible suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. Why should we acknowledge their humanity when they are less-than-human in contrast to the god-like Jews? And what did it matter that America's Zionist-driven policy starved 100,000s of women and children to death in Iraq in the 90s? And what does it matter that the Iraqi Christian community suffered greatly ever since the American invasion? They too are Arab, right? And since our main perception of Arabs is as 'enemies' of Jews and Zionism, who cares if they suffer as the result of America's Semitist foreign policy? Who cares if those Iraqis were Christian since, of course, we know all Arabs are subhuman 'Muzzies'. Besides, since Jews, by and large, are no great fans of Christianity, it might be 'antisemitic' for American Christians to be concerned about fellow Christians in other parts of the world. Since Jews are the deified race, the main purpose of American Christians is to serve Jews and worry about Jews, not about other Christians, especially if they are subhuman 'raghead' Arabs.

Because humans are not perfect, all people need to be criticized as well as praised. The lesson of Antisemitism is to criticize Jews reasonably based on the facts and realities of their power and agenda. It is NOT to suppress all criticism of Jews and elevate Jews to flawless god-like superior race who are beyond criticism. Turning Jews into god-men is to repeat the mistake of Antisemitism, for it makes Jews the new Nazis and reduces all non-Jews into less-than-human servants of Jews who must constantly prove their worth to their Jewish masters as running dogs.

The lesson of Antisemitism is then not only to reject something like 'Aryanism' but to reject Semitism. Aryan supremacism deemed the Germanic-Nordic races to be more human than others, and therefore, those people could be allowed anything under the sun. What did it matter if they invaded nations and caused the suffering and deaths of millions of people? They were more human than other peoples, and so they had the right to do as they saw fit.
The logic of Semitist supremacism is no different. Since Jews are god-men, they can do as they please with Wall Street, Hollywood, American law, American education, American foreign policy, and etc. And if it leads to fall of the European peoples and untold suffering of Arabs and Muslims, what does it matter? Just as Winston Smith learned to love Big Brother, we've learned to love Big Jew.
This is all, of course, very ironic.

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